Friday, December 17, 2004


347,068,800 seconds

happy 11th anniversary to me and bryan! he left me some lovely red tulips in the bathroom this morning and on my desk in lab, and gave me a wonderful new orange skin to replace my blue one. it's very orange and very fuzzy.

we're going to see a movie i'm very much looking forward to, A Very Long Engagement. it has the same actress and director as my favorite movie ever, Amelie. it's only playing in the city - it doesn't open everywhere until christmas day.

here is another present i made for suzanne - a really nice pick scarf. brian was so kind to model it for me last night. it's really really long. it's the uptown scarf pattern from weekend knitting. i held together 2 strands of lamb's pride bulky and one of crystal palace merino frappe. i really like how it turned out.

and here is lloyd helping me and heather label all of our crazy christmas crafts last night. he was very helpful. we're almost finished!


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