Wednesday, December 15, 2004


attack of the giant pom-pom

still riding the excitement of my new blog, i took a picture of my very messy knitting chair at 4 this morning to inspire me to clean it up.

and tim was not happy with a bright flash in her face. she looks very annoyed.

and then a strange robot kitty followed me into the bedroom to kill me in my sleep.

even though i went to bed at 5 am, i was still inspired to clean up before i left for school at, oh, 3pm. lazy lazor.

here is the lovely pink hat i finished for my sister in cascade 220. i used the pattern for a seaman's cap i found here, but i messed up and didn't put any more rib after the one row of knit. i need to learn how to read. i think it came out ok anyway.

i then had a spectacular idea to spruce up this hat with a pom-pom on top. sounded great at 1 am. i had what looked like plenty left from my one skein of yarn, but i was a bit nutso when i made my little cardboard template. i ran out of the lovely pink and have now started putting a layer of orange lamb's pride worsted on, in the hope of finishing the pom-pom before i die. this pom-pom is going to be giant. it might come to life and eat my sister's head. i'm going to make it easily detachable in case she runs away from it after she unwraps it. lesson learned about thinking about pom-pom final size before i start with the cardboard and scissors.


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