Thursday, December 30, 2004


bad pets and presents

today i was very excited to give heather her christmas/going away/housewarming present - a sewing machine. she was very happy. and brainchild that she is, she figured it out rather quickly. no more using her soon to be mother-in-law's ancient sewing machine for her, thank you! here she is in my kitchen figuring out the bobbin:

and her first stitches!

and here are some of the 60 stitches that the machine can make - fancy-schmancy! i expect an intricately stitched pillowcase next christmas!

while we were doing all of this, the pets were alternating between being cute and bad. here is oscar looking cute on my yellow chair, and also very guilty when he climbed on the table.

lloyd thinks he's helping when he sits on my laptop keyboard, and oscar loves to sit in chairs like a person. harry looks on at all this badness from a safe place. maybe one day when he isn't scared anymore he will be as bad as the other pets.

oscar is good at looking guilty

and keyser is bored with all of them.


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