Sunday, December 19, 2004


christmas crafts craziness

great cesear's ghost, heather and i were ultra-productive today on our christmas crafts. we are very nearly finished. we're both itching to post pictures of our masterpieces, but we'll have to wait a week . . .

here are two hats that i made for christiane - she is due today. i used the umbilical cord pattern from stitch n' bitch, but modified the top to a loop for the pink one. the red one is made with debbie bliss cashmerino aran, and the pink one is made from snowflake. i didn't check my gauge before i started the red one, so it is pretty tiny, but christiane's other daughter had a small head, so she thinks that this one will be perfect. i really like how fluffy the pink one is, but it was an absolute bitch to work with. seriously, i very nearly threw it in the road and drove over it. good thing i didn't - it's super cute.

and here is an extremely fluffy scarf i made for cheryl. i used crystal palace tingle and merino frappe held together, although you can't see the merino frappe at all, except for in the monster fringe. i decided not to buy more tingle or rip it out and cast on less stitches to make it the length i wanted, so i added mega-fringe instead. it's very purple, and cheryl likes purple, so hopefully she'll like this.


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