Thursday, December 30, 2004


christmas presents!

oh christmas, you make me so stressed, and then you're over in a blink! see you next year. until then, here is the first of many christmas present pictures. bryan gave me a lovely ballwinder. i tried it out right away and was very excited by the results. the ball isn't as pretty as i was imagining, but it took about 1/1 zillionth of the time. yay for the ballwinder! now i can wind all my yarn into lovely balls for lloyd to attack and eat.

got back from visiting with bryan's parents tonight - we were gone for 4 days and the cats had a grand pee party. and the back wall of our house seems to have begun disintegrating, which along with the water heater leaking has led to a wonderful clay-muck cat litter coating of the linoleum in the laundry room. time to wish our landlord happy holidays!

the ever-elusive harry was playing with keyser's tail tonight - i think that's the closest he's ever gotten to mr. king-of-the-castle. too bad this picture doesn't have sound effects or you could hear keyser's angry growling.


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