Thursday, December 16, 2004


a ginormous pom-pom is born

the pom-pom is as big as i feared it would be. and i somehow thought that the orange would be in the middle of it, but instead it's at the sides, contributing to its oval-shaped appearance. i think i like it now, after securing it better so it's not flopping around everywhere, but i'm not sure if suzie plum will. harry is definitely frightened of it.

some things i've already made:

a lovely kitty bed from this pattern at Wendy Knits, my favorite knitting blog. I need to send her a picture to put in her gallery - her kitty looks a lot like lloyd.

and here is another view of the giant pom-pom along with a lovely scarf i made for melissa. i think she'll like it - it's really soft. i made it with crystal palace splash and some black wool that i can't remember what the brand was. there is a nice splash in pink - maybe i'll get it for a scarf for suzanne . . .

insane cat man.


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