Friday, December 31, 2004


i love article pract

oh, the joys of shopping for yarn. my favorite yarn store now is article pract. today i bought a ball of red splash and a ball of red fog tree yarn alpaca to make a scarf for my mother-in-law.

i also bought myself a sock pattern book and needles and yarn to make my first pair of real socks.

i made a pair of fancy footies for my mom, using debbie bliss merino chunky in blue and purple and crystal palace tingle for the trim. i kind of figured out the heel, but it was a bit holey looking so i sewed it up from the inside. here they are on my mom's feet

i'm hoping that socks are fun, because they would be a lot cheaper to knit lots of then most of the other things i'm making.

my sister has requested some very ugly hotpads for work (she's a waitress and bartender at the claim jumper in phoenix). i found these lovely red heart yarns at wal-mart in phoenix - i think im going to use all 3 together to make the ugliest hotpads in the universe.

here's my progress so far on the red splash scarf - lloyd is a superkitty! i cast on 14 stitches - i'm going to have to figure out how long my mil wants it.

i know it seems like i have a favorite kitty, but i swear that lloyd is just always right beside me. here's a cute picture of tim, and i really think that there are some smudges on the camera lens, not tons of crap all over the rug . . .


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