Monday, December 20, 2004


time flies when you have too much to do

how is already december 20th? it was just november! as always, i have put way too many things on my to do list. i might have to make a bunch of coupons to replace the things i didn't get to finish. bleck.

i started (another) hat for suzanne yesterday based on the "sparkle hat" pattern in stitch n' bitch. i'm using lemon drop lamb's pride bulky and crystal palace whisper in a yellow/orange. i looooove the way the hat feels - it is so soft! it looks a little crazy - and very reminiscent of elmo's friend zoe. keyser models it well. i just might make the uptown scarf from weekend knitting with the same combination for myself (gasp!) - if and when i ever make something for myself.

lots and lots to do today: bunches of lab work, cleaning the house, knitting, and putting together the last of the christmas crafts and packing them into a suitcase. i will report on my progress later today.


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