Friday, January 07, 2005


let's all admire christmas hats some more

there are some angles of the two hats i made for my sister that have not yet been admired. and these are both really cute pictures so i wanted to put them up as well.

here is my sister with her boyfriend Pat, in the classic prom picture pose. they make a picture-perfect couple, no?

and this must be the cutest picture ever of my dad (wearing Suzanne's other hat), although it shows very clearly the error i made in the seaman's cap not continuing the ribbing past the fold. that's why there's more ribbing past the fold! oh well, at least i got this picture out of it.

a couple of other things i made while in phoenix for christmas - a fancy scarf for my grandma and a baby hat for Stefanie's baby Joey. the scarf is made of a ribbion-y yarn that i don't remember the name of and rowan kidsilk haze. i did garter stitch with dropstitch randomly distributed. i'm not sure if i did the dropstitch technically correctly, but it seemed to work, so i went with it.

i based the hat on the Stitch n' Bitch umbilical cord hat, but i used lamb's pride bulky and size 11 needles. i have yet to hear if it fits. hopefully i'll get a picture of it being worn soon so i can post that too.


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