Thursday, January 06, 2005


more presents

here is the purse i made for my sister for christmas. i used lamb's pride bulky in rosado rose and garnet, and used some crystal palace merino frappe in places as well. i like how it turned out except i think the straps are too wide. 11 stitches were too many, methinks. that's about the only thing i remember, so i guess i'll never make another one the same. i should write things down so i don't forget what i made up. and heather suggested velcro, which worked perfectly. heather is wonderful!

and this is the little change purse i made for my second cousin Edel. i put a gift card for barnes and noble inside it instead of the money when i gave it to her (that's just for scale). i used some of the garnet lamb's pride and a black zipper that i rather crappily sewed in. my first thing with a zipper! yay!

now i've shown all of these things separately, but here is my sister looking like a bag lady on christmas morning trying them all out.


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