Saturday, January 08, 2005


presents for me

i went to michael's last night and spent the gift card my sister gave me for christmas. i got a set of 3 lined shallow wicker baskets, which i realize now the picture doesn't show very well. i also got 2 balls of paton cha-cha in siren, which i know is a silly novelty yarn, and not even a nice one at that, but i have a strange fascination with it. i think it's because it's curly. i also got two balls of allure in black, some darning needles, and a set of pom-pom makers. thanks so much for everything, Suzanne! i already put the pom-pom makers to work finishing the kitty hat. i'll take a picture of it tomorrow after i block it.

and heather bought me some lovely orange brown sheep nature spun to make socks out of. now i have to figure out how to make socks.


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