Saturday, January 01, 2005


soggy end to 2004, sick beginning to 2005

yesterday it rained all day. we still managed to have fun - heather and i went to ikea and i got some new lights. it was very dim in our living room, and i wanted to make it brighter for when i have people over to knit. i ended up getting some baskets for my stash and some candles as well. oh, ikea. we also tried to do some errands, like bringing our photo printer to be repaired and having my mom's old sewing machine looked at. the typewriter store for the printer was closed, and mahhster stitchy (said in a hoity-toity british accent) seems to be pretty messed up - mr. super-duper-sewing machine-geek said that the singer 700 series (from 1975) has a notorious problem with the timing belt, which would cost over $200 to fix. so i think i'll just buy a new one. poor mahhster stitchy. then, in our focused determindness to get to lab, we went into the salvation army thrift store, where i found a big cone of black cotton chenille yarn for $2.50. i have no idea what i'll do with it - heather suggested an army of halloween spiders. here is a picture of it with my new favorite lamp.

we then went to a very late lunch at our favorite thai place, then to work for an hour (it was new year's eve!), to trader joe's for dinner supplies, and home to clean for our new year's eve celebrations. heather made some nummy cheese puffs and some fancy baked sugary pear slices from the martha stewart magazine, along with some fruity champagne punch. we also made pizza. then james left for another party, heather went to go to sleep at 11, and bryan and i laid around in misery. party time.

doesn't he look like the most pathetic sweetie ever? he felt very nauseated all night, and today as well. he finally ate some toast tonight. i hope thai delight didn't give him food poisoning. and i'm getting a cold. i've been sucking on cold-eeze since last night, so hopefully that will stop the illness in in tracks. take that, cold!

having had all day to mope around and feel sick, i've had plenty of time to think about new year's resolutions. i've decided to only make two this year, since i usually make a million and then fail at them all and feel bad about myself. (of course i made a million that i'm not going to write down that i'll fail at and then feel bad about myself for, but it's a baby step.) the first is to be a better person, and the second is to exercise everyday, unless i'm sick. pretty convenient for me today, you might say. oh well. and the first one is sufficiently vague as to let me have a bit of room to declare it a success. here's to a great 2005!


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