Friday, February 04, 2005


cat playtime excitement

there's a lady that works in the lab next to mine whose cats i have watched a few times when she's been out of town. on tuesday, she asked me to look after them next week for a few days, and then she gave me A MEOW TOWN CAT TUNNEL. i cannot express the excitement i felt. i looked like a crazy berkeley person (yet again) as i tried to ride home with it hanging by my handlebars. i almost died, but it was worth it, we're talking about a meow town cat tunnel here.

in spite of the many "Hide & Play Tunnel" features (thick berber provides warmth, treated with catnip for added fun, krinkle lining keeps cats curious), the cats were not jumping for joy at this playtime opportunity like i was. i threw almost an entire bottle of treats into it in an attempt to get them to go in, but with no luck. i'm hoping that they get used to it and realize how much more fun they could be having.

while they get used to it, it turns out that i brought them something back from costa rica to play with. we bought a lovely handmade mobile from a man in san jose. he explained how great it was for 10 minutes to try and sell it to us. of course it was all in spanish, so we missed most of it except fuerte. he was very emphatic about the fuerte part. i don't think he understood what this poor mobile would be up against.


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