Saturday, February 05, 2005


Chapter 3: Ulceration of the Cornea

you can see the ulcer! isn't that neat? the eye doctor was impressed with my healing yesterday, but i still have to go back on monday. it feels almost better today. and did anybody notice how Seth talked about his corneal abrasion on the OC this week? i am so cool!

this is how freaky i looked with my one dilated eyeball:

and here is the lovely shield that bryan constructed on my glasses to protect my bad eye. the one part you can't see in the picture is the lab tubing that goes across the back to hold the glasses on since they are heavy on one side and kept falling off. i wonder why people were staring at me - it's so lovely!

and since it's almost healed, this will probably be the last eyeball picture for a while (i know, very sad). this is my eye when it was tired and hurty.


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