Friday, February 11, 2005


happy fun felting time

my snow trip also gave me time to finish the marsupial bag for my niece. i was afraid it was going to be way way too big because of all my made-up calculations.

and i also think i found an error in the pattern - it said to knit 5 rows of the red for the pouch, but i think it really meant 5 inches or it wouldn't end up looking right. so i had to pull up the stitches all the bottom and knit more. i was thinking that the final dimensions would fit a notebook longways (standing up), but of course the excitement of felting things means you really have no idea what shape you'll get until you pull it out of the pillowcase. or maybe that's just me, i'm a little slow.

so it doesn't fit a notebook standing up, but it does fit one sideways. the white you can see in the bag is cereal boxes. it turns out that bryan's crazy person habit of buying 10 boxes of cereal that is on sale at the grocery store (you might think i'm exaggerating, but i'm not) is useful for me - i'm blocking the bag with three boxes of smart start with soy protein. so if melissa wants to carry cereal to class with her instead of school supplies and books, she's all set.

i know the little purse looks a bit giant, but i think it will be a nice size for wallet plus keys and maybe loose change. or it can be cut off if it turns out to be annoying and stupid. i am happy with the way it turned out, although i think it's weird that the red is more flopsy than the blue, and i was thinking the red also felt more puffy when i was knitting with it. strange. maybe the flopsy top gives it character.

let's look at it closer, shall we?

yay for felting!


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