Tuesday, February 01, 2005


hola amigos!

so i'm back from a lovely vacation in spectacular costa rica. we had tons and tons of fun and saw lots and lots of wild animals. i can't wait until bryan finishes editing the pictures so i can post some of them here. my fears of death by snake bite, crocodile eating, shark eating, or teeny tiny plane crashing turned out to be unfounded. although i did see crocodiles in one of the rivers we had to cross while backpacking and we saw three snakes. which means about a thousand snakes saw us. but only one was a scary poisonous one, and it was dead. so not as scary. the worst things that happened were some sunburns and about ten gazillion bites from god knows how many different creatures. here is a picture of me after hiking about 16 miles. 10 of them were on the beach in the crazy costa rican sun and we had to cross 5 rivers and it rained (understatement, the sky opened and dumped all of its contents) on us twice and it was about 100 degrees and 99% humidity and little sand flies bit the shit out of the back of my legs under my pants. it looked like someone had peeled the skin off of my legs, that's how red it was. our backpacks weighed at least 40 pounds. and it took 12 hours. and it was the most beautiful day of backpacking i've ever had.


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