Thursday, February 17, 2005


silly sugary sushi

yesterday, my lab mate cynthia IM'd me this link and asked me to make these for her. i said "sure!," although i have to admit i was regretting it a little while slicing fruit roll ups and twinkies at three o'clock this morning.

so many! for some crazy reason i didn't think twice about buying a box of 10 twinkies at target last night, and then realized when i got home that it was imperative that i use them all up or i would eat all the ones that were left. which makes for lots and lots of conversation-starting but gross-tasting treats. after a morning of offering on two floors in my building, i've only managed to get rid of 14 out of 30. but they look cute!

scientist that i am, i would like to offer some optimizations to the "recipe", although i'm probably the only person in the world who would ever make such god-awful snacks. stretch the fruit roll-up a little before you wrap it around the twinkie slice, because it looks like the fruit roll-up length is the exact right length to go around the twinkie, but it starts to come off when it doesn't stick to itself at the overlap. and i would round off the bottom corners of the twinkie next time before i cut the twinkies into slices so that they don't look so square. and there was only two green fruit roll-ups in the box of ten, so i had to use the other colors too, but if you wanted to get all martha stewart about these you could make your own fruit roll-up sheet and make the green look a little less neon and more sushi-like.


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