Thursday, February 24, 2005


soft yarn and strange pets

right before stitching bitches on Monday, i went to a LYS (the one i don't like because of their ridiculous pricing methods ((but it was monday, so the one i like wasn't open)) with erin. while she was getting yarn for her fancy footies, i got some yarns for my secret pal and some yarn to make my friend Rupesh a hat. it's his birthday on saturday. he likes fancy clothes, so i got him a fancy yarn. i only glanced at the label when i bought it (i was mainly focusing on color) and i thought is was alpaca, but it's really angora. Elsbeth Lavold angora - 60% angora, 20% wool, 20% polyamid. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. it's so soft! i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! i want to make a pillowcase out of it so i can feel it everyday. but then i'll drool all over its loveliness. maybe i'll make it anyway.

i'm making the plain old boring seaman's cap for Rupesh. hopefully he's not like heather (who starts to get sweaty when she just thinks about angora) and likes the fluffy softness.

and here are my strange lab pets. They are called axolotls and you can learn about them here. i don't do any research on them - they are living happy stress-free lives just as pets. i have two big ones in a tank that heather raised from babies and a small one that is a progeny of the big ones. you can't tell the sex until they are about a year old, so i don't know what the little one is yet. the two big ones are girls. i managed to give away the ones i had, and then heather left and now i have taken in her orphaned axolotls. aren't they next looking? the hairy stuff around their heads is their gills. if the little one turns out to be a boy, i can make more and then send them to people in secret pal packages. wouldn't that be a surprise!

hiding behind the natural plant life.

there's nothing for scale here, but she's about 8 inches long.

the little guy!


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