Sunday, February 20, 2005


thanks, secret pal!

look what my secret pal sent me! a very happy valentine's day themed package! there are two skeins of a lovely boucle yarn, two heart-shaped candles, and three really cute heart stitch markers! thanks so much!

i'm busy thinking of things i could make with the yarn. and i have a relaxing evening of knitting planned and i'm going to enjoy the pretty candles then. thank you thank you thank you thank you!

this wonderful little package of happiness almost met its end out on the back porch where the mailman left it because my upstairs neighbor has the dog from hell. satan spawn. i know i'm a cat person, but i promise that i really do love dogs! but hers is a demon. bryan rescued it while i was down in san jose making giant strawberries (more on that later). the candles are slighty chewed and the yarn was unraveled. good thing the yarn wasn't chewed or i might have taken drastic action.

also on the porch with the remnants of my package (and the huge rotting cat structure) are three really big piles of dog shit. i'm not quite sure what to do about this. my neighbor goes out the back way every time she comes in and our of her apartment (upstairs), so i know she's probably seen it. just thinking about going upstairs and saying, "um, your dog crapped all over my porch, could you please pick it up because i'm certainly not going to and it's really gross," really makes me angry. i miss having at least one normal neighbor upstairs.


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