Saturday, February 26, 2005


who loves me?

bryan does! he bought me this lovely case to protect the digital camera that is now officially my blog camera since his is a million times better. i had the camera in this big clunky camera bag, so this is much nicer. it's like a little camera wetsuit.

and i finished Rupesh's hat today, but then i was worried because it seemed way too big (it fit me and i have a huge melon head). i went upstairs to have him try it on so i could see if i'd have to rip it out and do it again smaller. he was very surprised and liked it a lot. and he likes the way it fits. yay! now i just have to weave in all the ends and give it back to him. i couldn't decide which picture to put up because in the one that's actually in focus he doesn't look happy. so i'm putting them both up.


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