Tuesday, February 15, 2005


yay for yarn!

i used to think that the knitting blogs i read that talked about these huge yarn stashes were completely crazy people when i first started knitting, but now i see that in a few years i'm going to have to rent another apartment just to keep my yarn in. they need to develop some kind of medication for this affliction.

on friday, we met bryan's parents for dinner to tell them all about our costa rica vacation, and his mom (the best mother-in-law in the entire universe) gave me this lovely basket with five different colors of Bernat Boa that she picked up for me at Michael's when it was on sale while i was gone.

and look what bryan bought me for valentine's day! enough kidsilk haze and the needles to make the camisole and cowl from weekend knitting! it was like i made him go to the yarn store with me and picked it out and told him to buy it for me! oh wait, that is what happened.

and finally, some baby presents - tonight i bought the blue debbie bliss merino dk to make new baby Noah (born yesterday!) a very cute hat and sock set from the debbie bliss baby knits book. and the pink lamb's pride is to make a pair of the cutest baby booties ever from the encylopedia of knitting.


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