Wednesday, March 30, 2005


booty to make seamen happy

i finished another birthday present - another seaman's cap, this one for my friend hunter in navy blue yummy elsbeth lavold angora. i made the size small this time since when i made the medium for rupesh it was actually size giant because the yarn is a little thicker than worsted. gauge, schmauge. and i know i've already posted a picture of rupesh wearing his hat, but since it took me 5 whole weeks to accomplish the difficult task of weaving in the ends, i thought i would show it again.

i am blogging live from lovely san diego, where i am at the yawn-a-thon that is the annual fruit fly conference. the highlight of my day so far was when i gave han the giggles during the keynote lecture and we couldn't stop shaking with silent laughter for what seemed like hours while a nobel prize winner explained her exciting science. good times.


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