Monday, March 14, 2005


a fancy-schmancy new bike!

i've been wanting a new bike for a while, since mine has shifters on the frame of the bike instead of up at the handlebars (and i am clutzy and not graceful so shifting is difficult). we got our rei dividend a few weeks ago, which means we can use it to buy something and get 20% off, so that means a new bike for me!

isn't she lovely? the color is listed as "butter yellow", so i named her mrs. butters. here is all her information for anyone that cares about bikes. she is a sweet ride. i went for my first not-just-to-school-and-back bike ride with her yesterday. bryan asked if i wanted to go up, to which i stupidly replied, "yes! yay!" (not that there is much choice around where we live) oh, did we go up. we went up a street that's at about a 60 degree incline. really. no exaggeration. ok, maybe a slight exaggeration. but it was HARD. and then i took a little spill because it's really hard to get up and going on a bike again at such a crazy incline after you stop to let your leg muscles cool down from being on fire. so we went all the way up to grizzly peak road, which is waaay high, and then stopped at the Lawrence Hall of Science by LBNL (gorgeous view! i wish i had brought my camera!) and then came down centennial. that was also very scary because i was going about 30 miles an hour WITH my brakes clamped on. scary scary. but also fun! yay for bike rides!


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