Saturday, March 12, 2005


oregon is wonderful!

i went to visit heather on sunday. oregon is just as lovely as i imagined it would be. she picked me up from the airport and then we drove to a nice beach house. we took the dogs to the beach for a walk. they really like the beach. here's a picture of them (pre hideous dog-chomping fight because franklin is a dumb fight-picker).

before dinner, i gave heather a present of a garnishing book and kit, and we had fun with some produce. garnishing is hard! we made apple swans, cheese ducks, cucumber links, and a tomato rose. notice how the crackers say "water" on them! such a coordinated garnishing scene! patrick and his friend tim demolished it quickly.

on monday we went crabbing, which turned out to be much more work than i was envisioning. we had fun, but only managed to catch 4 males that were big enough to keep. here they are in their bucket:

and here's oscar playing with our yummy lunch.

on tuesday the weather was very clear, and we went walking on the beach again.

when we got back to the house, we dyed yarn with lots and lots of different colors. we had 18! i haven't taken a picture yet of the yarn.

here's heather laying out the yarn for dyeing. doesn't our pot of yarn look like spagetti?


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