Monday, April 11, 2005



i stayed up all night last wednesday thinking that i could finish my clapotis, and i finished knitting all the yarn i had. but this is what i was left with:

urrggh. yes, a 98% finished clapotis. and since i hand-dyed the yarn, that means i have to order more andean silk from knitpicks and try and dye about 10 more yards the same approximate colors. i was considering just finishing it with lambs pride bulky in purple just to show it who's the boss, but i decided against that.

the reason i ran out is that heather and i are lazy estimators - each skein of the yarn in the pattern (for rich people) is 100g and has 205 yards - the andean silk has 97 yards in a 50g ball, which is about half, so we decided 6 skeins of andean silk was equal to 3 skeins of lorna's laces lion and lamb. uh, no. the 33 yard difference plus the fact that my gauge was slightly off meant that i had to do fewer of the straight section repeats, which i figured out early enough, but then i was greedy and tried to squeeze out 9 repeats instead of 8. bad, bad, greedy knitter. the kittens are disgusted.

in happier knitting news, a hat i made for christmas for bryan's boss's son is now one of his favorite things (he wouldn't even put it on when i gave it to him). he refused to go to sleep the other night until he had it in his crib with him. his dad left me a very cute picture of him wearing it recently on my desk in an envelope marked "for your blog". he is the cutest little boy ever.


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