Thursday, April 21, 2005


a happy hat wearer and pets

dave is very happy with his hat. although i was crushed by his decision to join another lab. poor me. here is a picture of him that doesn't show the hat very well.

today i let the cats go outside and enjoy the jungle grass in our front yard. they had lots of fun. see, this is why i don't mow my lawn.

and i found a way to get even with the really mean hamster who likes my blood (lady avalanche) - hamster torture. if i lodge a chew biscuit (hard thing that feels like it's made of coral or something, but is supposed to help them grind their teeth down and have some nutritional value) in the bars of the cage, she'll chew it like a crazy possessed demon hamster until she either can pull it through or it falls down to the floor. if i just open the cage and give her one, she runs off and puts it in the food stash tube area of the hamster paradise. which is where she goes to deposit the chewed up biscuit that she stores in her cheek puches once she gets it out of the cage bars. yick. crazy rodents.


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