Wednesday, April 20, 2005


a mad hatter

it's been hat mania for me lately. i love making hats. on monday during stitching bitches i made one for my friend Dave (who might join my lab, i hope i hope i hope) in the brightest baby blue-sky blue cotton yarn ever.

first i made a gauge swatch in the shape of a hat only to discover it was ginormous. whoops. so then i made it again, and it fits my head, which is about the same size as Dave's - giant. i hope he likes it (i warned him it was crazy bright).

here is Hunter wearing the seaman's cap i made him out of Elsebeth Lavold angora (and trying to do a James Dean impression (and i should mention this is the smartest person in my graduate class - he is about to graduate (less than 4 years after we started (bastard)))). he likes it.

i am also making two other hats that i screwed up on a bunch but now i have them figured out (i think). i need to take pictures of their little hat beginnings.

in non-hat related knitting, i bought some cotton yarn to make my mom (don't click this, mom) this for mother's day. the color didn't come out that great in the picture, but it is a nice soft light green.

and i know everyone hates pictures of people's cats, but bryan took this one yesterday and i like it lots. and it shows all the work i did painting the tiles in our bathroom.


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