Tuesday, May 10, 2005


my secret pal is a french knitting goddess! and a little knitting.

secret pal 4 is now officially over, so my mystery pal has been revealed: it was Annabel from France! she just emailed me yesterday, so i have not had time to stalk her blog thoroughly yet (or learn French), but it is quite apparent that she is a wonderful knitter! i wish the google translate program worked a little better - the translation isn't very good, although i think i can get a rough idea. Thank you so much for the presents, Annabel! she has sent me one more package, but it hasn't gotten here yet - maybe it will be on my back porch tonight when i get home.

bewteen working and doing marathon training, i haven't been able to get a lot of knitting in lately. i am slowly progressing on my mom's present - i am almost up to the armhole decreases. my mom bought me tickets to come and visit her in two weeks, so that's my deadline for finishing. i'm pretty sure i can do it.

and now diet coke comes in a splenda version! i tried it today and it is so good!


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