Saturday, July 02, 2005


28 is great!

my birthday was last week (the 23rd). i love my birthday. everyone is nice to me and i get lovely presents. and my wonderful husband always makes me something yummy. this year it was strawberry ice cream with the ice cream maker i gave hime for his birthday. this was the 13th birthday of mine that he has spoiled me. what a lucky girl i am.

here is the swift he gave me, in the middle of winding some of the yarn i dyed when i was at heather's house in March. i love the swift.

and my housemate printed out and framed some really really nice pictures of my cats for me. he made them black and white except for their eyes. i'm not sure if it shows up in the picture very well, but it looks neat. i put them up above my desk in my lab. between bryan and brian and me my cats must be the most photographed cats on the planet.

bryan also gave me a new zen micro MP3 player in my favorite color. it is tiny. i have to figure out how to knit it a little scratch protector. bryan has the red one, and i tried to make a cover already but it came out too small so i'll have to give it another try soon.

the school server i usually put my pictures on seems to have eaten all of my pictures, so i'm trying out the new blogger picture thing. i hope it works.


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