Tuesday, October 04, 2005


the tale of the happy yarn

A long time ago, Heather dyed some lovely lopi yarn that her grandmother gave her. The hand-dyed yarn was beautiful, and she put it up for sale on the internets for the world to see. Jennifer was the first person to buy any of Heather's hand-dyed masterpieces, and she flew all the way to Portland, Oregon to pick up the yarn.

Then the beautiful yarn languished sadly under Jennifer's coffee table, in a big basket with lots of other yarns, but none of them were as pretty as Heather's yarn. Jennifer couldn't decide what to make out of the yarn, and she would have probably made some horrible felted thing out of it and all the colors would have muddied together.

But then one day, Christiane came to Stitching Bitches at Jennifer's house on a Monday night, and as soon as she saw the yarn she was so excited about it because she thought it was the most beautiful yarn she had ever seen. Jennifer remembered this when Christiane's birthday came up many weeks later, and decided that Christiane would love the yarn so much, that she would turn it into something stupendous.

And Christiane did. After much thinking about what would show off the beautifulness of the yarn the best, she made a long scarf in fisherman's rib. The yarn made perfect stripes on both ends, and a very pleasing pooling swirliness in the center, just like it was always meant to be knit into this exact scarf. And the yarn lived very happily ever after, showing the world how wonderful it was every day (well, every day that it's cold enough to wear a scarf).

The end.


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