Monday, October 24, 2005


Unused cargo

I meant to show the knitting I carried around for 85 miles in the last post, but I forgot. This bag weighed 1.2 pounds and I never even cast on. I brought all the yarn for the sweater because I figured in a week I could get a lot done, but I was so tired every night that I just opened the baggie and pet the yarn and then passed out in an exhaustion coma. Oh well.

6 skeins of fingering weight Frog Tree Alpaca, about 10 million glass beads, #2 and #3 circular needles, and the pattern. It's from Vintage Knits, and it was supposed to be for my mom's birthday, but I missed that, so now it is for Christmas instead. Here is the picture from the book:

I am not using the yarn that the pattern calls for because I couldn't find it. I don't have much of a start yet, and my ribbing looks a little weird. Hopefully that will be fixed when I block.

There are 900 beads in the finished sweater. I have never knit anything that uses beads. It is not really any different from no-bead knitting. But it looks more exciting. Here is a close up, and the colors look pretty close to real life.


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