Monday, January 02, 2006


Love never goes out of fashion

When I was about 13, my aunt Alison knit me a sweater. I have always kept it in my closet, because even then I knew that she spent a lot of time making it. But now I really know. The colors are a little late-80s (although it was the late-80s) and it is a very hairy and itchy mohair, but there is lots and lots of love knitted into that sweater. So I wore it to work a few weeks ago. I was a vision in green, magenta, and white mohair. Even in Berkeley, I think I scared people. I really have to wear it more often.

When I was in Ireland, Alison picked out a sweater for me to knit for her. She chose the Pinup Queen sweater from Stitch and Bitch in purple. I even bought the yarn the pattern calls for, Classic Elite Lush. It is so so soft! I really wanted to have it done for her birthday on January 17th, but I have only finished a sleeve so far.


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