Wednesday, January 04, 2006


My last new knitting project for a long time

Since I decided not to cast on for anything new until I finish everything I'm currently working on I have knit exactly zero stitches, which was a week ago today. I guess my fingers are protesting my decision. But luckily today the yarn arrived for the one exception to my resolution: Cynthia's hat and scarf. She wants a plain ribbed cuff hat (this pattern) and an Irish hiking scarf. She bought one of my favorite yarns, Elsbeth Lavold Angora in Misty Blue. I am going to make the hat first so that I can make the scarf as long as possible. I love knitting angora, especially today when my hands are rough and sore from going to the climbing gym.

Don't worry Cynthia, I told Lloyd to keep his cat hair-covered cuteness away from your yarns. (imagine evil cat chuckle here)

I noticed yesterday that I only take pictures of Lloyd, but this is because he jumps into the picture when I'm taking it (well, usually - the Santa suit was not his idea). Apparently I am not interesting enough for the other cats.

Stop making all those noises to make us look at you, you are booooring us.


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