Sunday, January 01, 2006


Welcoming 2006

I love when a new year starts. So many possibilities, a chance to start everything over. Last year I made my resolution to be a better person. Very vague, but that was on purpose. I started volunteering at Meals on Wheels in April, delivering lunches every Wednesday, and I volunteered for and raised money with the National AIDS Marathon Training Program for the SF AIDS foundation from April to October. So far I have raised $3990! Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me! So 2005 was the first year ever that I actually kept a resolution. And I didn't write it down anywhere, but I've been trying to stop biting my fingernails pretty much since I had teeth. The day after the marathon (November 1st), I suddenly realized how gross that habit is and didn't want to bite them anymore. So for the first year ever, that doesn't have to be one of my resolutions.

For 2006, then, I'm going to get ambitious and make more than one resolution and make them more specific. I can do it, I'm on a roll! So here is my list.

1. Be a better time manager.
2. Keep my houseplants alive.
3.(a) Clean and organize my house and get rid of all the shit we never use.
(b) Stop buying shit that we'll never use.
4. Bring my lunch to work every day.
5. Finish every single work in progress in my knitting basket before starting anything else. I have no idea how many there are, I stopped counting at 10. Except for Cynthia's hat and scarf out of lovely soft yarn that she bought and is sending me. Poor Cynthia is in Massachusetts and is very cold.
6. Make Lloyd a sweater. He definitely needs a sweater. And maybe a mustache.


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