Saturday, March 25, 2006


Why keyboard surgery should not be attempted without a license

[20:34] jennifer: my w key is hard to press
[20:35] bryan: that sucks
[20:35] jennifer: there is a lot of crap under my keys
[20:35] bryan: yes... maybe you could spray it out with one of those dusters
[20:35] jennifer: 3333sawwwwwwwq323wwww
[20:35] jennifer: i just took the key off
[20:35] bryan: hmmm
[20:36] jennifer: 4eeeeeteltee3eitifu8r
[20:36] jennifer: 4frerrferrrfdtr4r54rret5drrrrrrr
[20:37] jennifer: now my r doesn't want tot go back on
[20:37] jennifer: dman
[20:38] jennifer: 4frr446e434ee3eeedtfutt4754eee4142e32
[20:38] jennifer: oh shit
[20:38] jennifer: i think i broke
[20:38] jennifer: the r
[20:43] jennifer: 454446555rrreer
[20:43] jennifer: oh i fixd it i am a genius
[20:43] jennifer: hmm now the e is not happy
[20:43] bryan: oh my god
[20:44] bryan: you are flirting with disaster
[20:44] jennifer: 34d33d4srxeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[20:44] jennifer: the e is dfinitly not happy
[20:44] bryan: this is a pretty funny conversation


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