Wednesday, January 12, 2005


a crappy day for science

yesterday was a horrible, horrible day for science at my lab bench. the very complicated, time-intensive experiment i was in the middle of doing pretty much exploded on me. took a crap right on my face. i had a little bit of a breakdown over it, and then went home and knit myslef a lovely scarf. the first thing i've made for myself so far. it matches the hat i made for my sister for christmas. i used size 50 needles so it was really fast. it is super long.

in this picture, lloyd was saying, "this is only one scarf? are you a crazy person that knits insanely long scarves and then makes her cat talk about them in his imaginary cat voice? you are a wacko."

but then i wrapped him up in it and he fell asleep. how cute.

i made another baby hat before christmas for bryan's boss' son Janis. i based it on the umbilical cord hat from Stitch n' Bitch and used debbie bliss casmerino aran. i would never have guessed that one year olds have such big heads. here he is on full cuteness power modeling it.

two very nice things that happened yesterday as well. my friend Wendy called me and told me how much she loves all the bath products that Heather and i made for christmas. she said it was the best present she has ever gotten. quite a compliment! she is very excited for us to get going with our business (just a preview, notice how wonderful the little buttons on the side are? they are animated and have lovely little bubbles that show up when you put the mouse over them and each one has different color bubbles. different colors! we are so fancy! and she found the most perfect font for us because it looks almost like the writing we did on the labels. what a good font detective! heather is a wonderful website design expert artist, just wonderful.) so she can order lots of things from us. it was a very nice phone call.

and then my housemate Brian came home from his Ireland vacation and brought me two kinds of chocolates, hot toddies which had whiskey and pepper in them (strange but yummy), and cadbury roses which have lots of different kinds of the yummiest chocolates ever. it made me forget about my crappy day of science failure. yay for chocolate.


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